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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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Thanks to all of you who appreciate Jen Delyth's original artwork, including her popular "Celtic Tree of Life" design.
We appreciate that Jen's designs are well loved, especially the Tree of Life which is a contemporary symbol that expresses an ancient and beautiful symbol of the interconnection of all things. A universal concept, and a most Celtic one!

Artists earn their living through creating and publishing their work. Thankyou for respecting our copyright and trademarks.
For non-commercial web illustration use only, we have authorized graphics with our signature embedded - to be used with credit and links - on our LOGOS & BANNERS page

Celtic Art by Jen Delyth 1990


We thank everyone who has kindly asked permission to use the Tree of Life for their commercial and private purposes, and we appreciate the respect and understanding many of you have given. We rarely enter into licensing options with other companies, and we never grant permission to use the Tree  Life for a company Logo, or to represent an organisation other than our own, since it is our own trademark and Logo for Ninth Wave Publishing.

We understand and appreciate the many requests we recieve to use Jen's Tree of Life as a Logo, or to represent a non-profit organisation. It is not easy for us to turn down the requests we receive from creative and positive businesses and non-profits. However, it would be impossible for us to protect our design from the public domain without our strict policy in place, and we have been consistent in actively restricting use of the design to Ninth Wave Publishing & Celtic Art Studio as our company symbol since it was created in 1990.

Thank you for helping us maintain the special protection we reserve for this design.


For non-commercial use, web illustration only use, we have provided authorized use graphics - to be used with credit and links - on our LOGOS & BANNERS page
We can provide publishing permission and contracts for non-commercial use, such as magazine and web illustrations - but only with authorisation and according to our terms of use. For Web Illustration, we need credit and web site link next to or near the image. And our web link embedded within the design. Please see our LOGOS & BANNERS page for links, credits and more info.

COMMERCIAL reproductions

For any commercial publication or use, a valid LICENSE from Ninth Wave Publishing Inc. is required. Please contact us for licensing Celtic Art by Jen Delyth to quality design companies, book publishing, music and film projects, and individual creative projects.
email Artist


We do not and have never licensed jen's Tree of Life design for company logos of any kind, and  it is our own trademarked company logo. We do have other suitable designs for LICENSING.


For more info on personal Tattoos, see our TATTOOS page.

You do not need to request permission to use one of our designs as a personal tattoo. However, we love when we are sent pictures of your tattoos, and enjoy your appreciation when you let us know you have done one with Jen's work. It is a compliment, and we are honored by your decision to choose a positive, original piece of art by Jen Delyth. A donation to the artist for use of her artwork is always appreciated.

Tattoo artists are welcome to use Jen Delyth designs as individual personal tattoos when their customers request them, but not to sell them or publish them as FLASH images in their studios, without making licensing arrangements with the artist or Ninth Wave Publishing.

We do not give permission for commercial sale of images such as tattoes, flash images, CD packages, internet downloads or any other commercial reproduction of Jen's original artwork without permission or licensing arrangements with Ninth Wave Publishing.


If you are concerned that you have used an image without permission, please contact the artist. There is a significant difference between personal use and commercial use which requires a License. THough even with personal one time use, it is good to check with the artist first for appropriate credits etc.
Our designs, including the Tree of Life is NOT shareware... If you see Jen's designs in a clip art collection, or appearing online without appropriate credit - then it is probably being used unauthorised, and we appreciate you letting us know so we can prevent its continuing to be used improperly email
In most cases this will not incur legal action - but will give us the opportunity to receive appropriate credit and resolve the infringement amicably.

We take commercial copyright infringement seriously. Just because an image is seen on the internet, or downloaded from an internet "clip art collection" does not mean it is legally clear and free to reproduce it for company logos, or commercial products without a LICENSE from the artist, or the artist's representative.
Celtic Art by Jen Delyth 1990
Celtic Tree of life by Welsh Artist Jen Delyth ©1990

Celtic Art is part of a Living Tradition. The work of Jen Delyth is original, using the language of Celtic artwork, but is not copies of designs from antiquity.  The "Celtic Tree of Life" is Jen Delyth's most well known and appreciated design that she created in 1989 (copyright 1990 with Library of Congress). This is an original, contemporary motif, not based on any ancient or modern Celtic pattern. It has taken root as a modern Celtic Folk design to speak of the interconnection of all living things. However it is not a public domain image.

Thanks to Stephen Walker - Celtic artist - for this following statement:

Celtic designs have an ancient heritage. However, the work shown here is not an imitation of historical Celtic Art but new and original creations which are authentic continuations of that artistic heritage. Because Celtic Art often is used to make a link to the distant past it is often mistakenly thought that genuine designs can only be copied from antiquity. This is unfortunate because artistic integrity demands that the designer create a new manifestation of the art, unique to present times. As a living art form, Celtic Art can only be sustained by pursuing the goal of mastery of the creative process that ultimately results in new and imaginative work.

It is commonly and wrongly supposed that all Celtic designs are ancient and therefore free from copyright restrictions. The truth is that new, traditionally correct designs often look as if they could be very old, but they are none-the-less intellectual property of the artist. Use of copyright designs by anyone other than the artist requires permission in the case of personal use or a licensing agreement in the case of commercial use. All rights reserved.

Except for authorized non-commercial illustration use only logos and banners, do not copy any other images from our site without asking permission from artist Ninth Wave Publishing LLC.

Copyright notice: All artwork, design, and text on this web site are the property of Jen Delyth and Ninth Wave Publishing copyright 1990 - 2012. All rights reserved.