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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

Official Site of Welsh Artist


Thank you for choosing to buy DIRECT FROM THE ARTIST.

We are a small but dedicated STUDIO, and pride ourselves on creating quality products, and providing a positive and professional customer experience.

To contact us directly - Celtic Art Studio - Ninth Wave Publishing LLC.
Email us info
We have a secure dedicated office answering machine if you need to leave a message, we will get back to you.
Phone is 510 842 0773,


We are proud of our products, some of which are ARTISAN MADE in our own Celtic Art Studio. We choose to create MADE IN USA quality products whenever possible, working with experienced crafts people and local businesses, and choose recycled and earth friendly materials where we can.
We check each item before we ship it out, and care about you our supportive customers.


Although this does not happen very often! We are happy to exchange any item for a different size for example. If you change your mind on receiving your order, and would like to return it, you are responsible for the shipping costs, and we shall exchange or refund your order if we have it in stock. Please contact us first.

We usually ask for $6.00 first class shipping (on small items) each way, towards us shipping an exchange to to you and for the returned item, and we will absorb the rest of the shipping.. Unless international or large heavy item. We will let you know when you contact us:)

We will include a RETURN PREPAID ENVELOPE with your EXCHANGE to save you time and cost at the post office. (just hand in to your postal delivery person, or at the carousel at the post office without standing in line). We kindly ask you to put the agreed shipping as cash or cheque - made to Ninth Wave Publishing - in the prepaid envelope with your returned item - that we will send with your exchange... to save you time and cost.

We hope you understand that small businesses are not in same position as large big box stores, so appreciate if you do not order several sizes for example to try them out, and then return.

For CLOTHING SIZES please check our SIZE CHARTS with each product.
Customer is responsible for shipping costs with changes of size, style or color, unless it is our error.


If for any reason we ship the wrong item, or something is damaged in shipping, please contact us, and we will send you a return shipping label, reship out your order, and credit you when we receive the damaged merchandise.

Some items for a return (not exchange, and not a mistake on our part) may incur a 15% restocking fee, such as custom items, but let us know, and we'll do our best to help you.
We are also happy to refund your order if we can't get it shipped in time (for a gift etc), such as during summer events season... when there may have short delay, instead of our usual "right away". We will keep in touch with you during this busy time, via email, and let you know the status of shipping out your order. Thank you for your patience.


Jen's work is sometimes available through other online, retail, and festival stores.
These items need to be returned to the store or vendor where you purchased them. But if we can help, we will.

Celtic Art Studio is the ONLY store owned and operated by the artist.
Thank you for your support and buying DIRECT FROM THE ARTIST!


Please check our FAQ SHIPPING page