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Celtic Video Art & Animation DVD - Beyond the Ninth Wave by Jen Delyth

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BEYOND THE NINTH WAVE - Celtic Art & Animation, Music, Poetry DVD
By Jen Delyth
Preview Soundtrack by Christine Gunn

A magical journey through Celtic Mythology with high resolution digital video & audio.
Animated mystical symbols, sacred places, and mythical creatures intertwine with layers of translucent video and the brilliant colors of Celtic Art by Welsh artist Jen Delyth.
Soundtracks weave contemporary and traditional Celtic music with ancient and modern poetry by Gilli Smyth, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, John & Caitlin Matthews, Hildegard de Bingen 12C Taliesin(6th C) & Fiona Macleod.

Experience the Mysteries

Experience the Celtic Mysteries through the inspirational visuals evocative music and ancient poetry of Beyond the Ninth Wave.
Otherworldly Birds, animated mystical Symbols and sacred Places intertwine with layers of translucent video and the brilliant colors of Celtic Art by renowned Welsh artist Jen Delyth.
Ancient voices of the Poets speak through well loved performer Gilli Smyth, known for her haunting seductive voice and lyrics. Complex ethereal soundtracks weave original & traditional Celtic music into contemporary soulful compositions.

High Quality Visuals

The high quality digital translucent layered images and brilliant colors of the animations intertwine with the poetry of ancient and modern Celtic voices.

Viewers will be entranced by the inspirational visuals, and evocative music, and can follow their interest in the underlying symbolism with interactive access to over 100 pages of text explaining the background mythology and poetry.

This interactive DVD is designed in 9 chapters each containing a beautiful animation film, and exploration of the Symbols & Poetry.

The short films are richly layered, and feature Celtic artwork and film by Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Animated layered images paint themes from within the heart of Celtic mythology, illustrating the Celtic poetry that is brought alive by the music.

"Beyond the Ninth Wave" Menus to give the viewer navigational interactivity throughout its unique "story book" layout."

Beyond the Ninth Wave" is performed by poet Gilli Smyth, inspirational mythic Mother of the 70s folk jazz band Gong, and includes some of her original songs, as well as traditional Celtic poetry

Inspirational Music

Ecclectic musician Michael Masley plays the cymbalom, a variant of the hammer dulcimer, accompanied by esoteric percussion instruments. Silver Arm continues its ten year tradition of performing traditional Celtic Music with enthusiasm and respect for the spirit of this centuries old art form. Frankfurter Celtic/folk harper, violinist - multi-instrumentalist


“What a wonderful, luminous presentation! Beyond the Ninth Wave really brings the spirit of Celtic vision and imagination to life". I recommend this DVD to anyone interested in the lore and life of the Celts"
John Matthews - author of Encylopaedia of Celtic Myth & Legend and Taliesin the Last Celtic Shaman

"While it could have lapsed into touchy feely stuff, it doesn’t, as it entertains, enlightens and charms. A fun and often heart warming experience that unexpectedly comes from the educational side".
2004 Midwest Record Recap - Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher

"Here's something different: Celtic artist/animator Jen Delyth teamed up with vocalist Gilli Smyth (the 'mother' of the psychedelic band Gong), and a host of artists, musicians, and dancers to create a truly multi-media portrayal of nine Celtic myths and spiritual concepts.At times inspiring, at times a bit like watching Druids on acid, this DVD is for the more open-minded and adventurous viewer of matters Celtic.
Dirty Linen - Magazine of Folk and World Music Feb/March 05

“This is by way of being a fan letter about the Ninth Wave. I was blown away by it". Debbie Byrne Customer, Llangeninth UK

“Watching this DVD puts you in another state of mind, transporting you to a world of myth and magick.. It’s like an invocation, putting you in communion with its Gods and Goddesses. It is like a digital altar, and watching it is a ritual unto itself.. The imagery is lush, the music is powerful, and the words are beautiful. The whole thing is truly inspirational!” Raevyn Customer & artist

“This DVD is interesting, entertaining, and certainly informative. It will appeal to all goddess fans, lovers of Celtic mythology and symbology. Take a trip beyond the Ninth Wave and experience a bit of the land of the forever young”
Review in Celtic Connections Magazine August 2004, by Cindy Reich contributing writer to “The Living Tradition”, Ayrshire, Scotland “Irish Music magazine” Dublin, Ireland

"I can't rate this highly enough, it is simply the best setting for Gilli's unique invocational work that I have come across - Brilliant!"
Johnny Green, editor

"Jen's DVD is a marvellous and innovative piece of contemporary Celtic art, and Celtic Connections Magazine has no hesitation to recommending it whole-heartedly to all of our readers." The Editor - Celtic Connections Magazine

"Thanks for the chance to see your work, it is exciting for me to see your Celtic art expressed in this medium, expanding the traditional beyond into this contemporary format.. Very well done!" Lisa Laughy – artist

"Thank you for the work you and Gilli (who has such a dreamy voice!) and all the others put such an incredible amount of talent into your DVD. I wanted to tell you how very VERY much I enjoyed every minute of it…. Thanks you soooo very much… " Namaste, Morrigan Anderson - customer.

Beyond the Ninth Wave - Earth Mysteries & Mythology

Artwork & Animation by Jen Delyth

Poetry Spoken Word by Gilli Smyth

Music by Michael Masley, Silver Arm & Aryeh Frankfurter

Audio Arranged by Jen Delyth

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