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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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Tribal - the very word evokes ideas of independence of spirit and community, honor and loyalty. Those who we know as the Celts are the fiercely independent tribes that the Romans referred to as the Gauls, and the Greeks named Keltoi. The Celts were not a single race of people, but a tribal culture that spread as a vital force of ideas communicated through their mystical symbols. Their profound certainty in an Otherworld, and deep respect for the numen – the sacred spirits of the land – was revered at the wells, rivers and lakes, the rocks and ancient groves, the mounds of the Ancestors. Tribal Warriors went naked into battle, their bodies painted with woad-blue spiral and animal designs. They were distinctive and fierce looking, unafraid of death upon the battlefield as they fought for the glory of the spoil, for their hero’s honor in the Otherworld. Their brilliant boasts, riddled wit, generous insults and terrible battle screams haunt the mountains and rivers, the high hills and hidden valleys of ancient Britain and Europe. Something of their light and darkness lingers still within our veins, like the golden mead so favored by those warriors of life and death.
Original Design by  Jen Delyth  ©2008

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