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Jen Delyth

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art, myth and symbol by jen delyth

celticart 111
Characters of myth and memory spiral, meander and weave through time, which echoes with their riddles and contradictions. To know them, we must accept some of what we do not always understand, and allow the mysterious to speak in its own enigmatic way, feeling our path to the center – to the still heart of the turning triskele.

Like the complex patterns of Celtic art, in the telling of the tales and traditions we will encounter repeating motifs and figures, which reflect the circular rhythm and cadence that pulse through the Celtic culture. Elemental characters may appear often, representing primary archetypes on behalf of the many more who are not illuminated, or who are hidden from us by the veil of history.

Mythic archetypes of Poet, Warrior, Plant, Beast, Land, Sea and Sky – all connected by the intertwining thread of the endless knot – are essential elements working through the Celtic imagination, rooted within an organic wisdom tradition.

The first people are our Ancestors. They lived close to the earth and wove their fabric of reality through Tree and River, Dragonfly and Wild Boar, with tales from the beginning of time intertwined with the brilliant colors of their fertile imagination.

Archetypes and symbols may continue to communicate with a fertile potency within modern cultures, surviving centuries of invasion and global change. Contemporary people can continue to find relevance within the language of the ancient world..

celticart 111

Jen Delyth creates original illustrations of essential Celtic archetypes: such as the Tree of Life, the Triple Goddess, Taliesin the shaman Poet and Manawyddan Lord of the Sea, with animal and nature symbols such as Raven and Stag, Moon, Stone and Water.

Text & Illustrations from Jen Delyth's Full Color Hardbound Coffee Table Book - Celtic Folk Soul - art, myth and symbol - First Edition Signed Copies here