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Jen Delyth

Celtic Art Studio

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The Celtic Harp is a wooden stringed instrument - often intricately carved with bird and animal designs.
The Harp is traditionally played by the Celtic Bards - the poets and musicians - who sing songs of enchantment, love and loss,and beauty and darkness. Music is the song of life, and the Celts say the Universe was created with sound. In Celtic mythology, the Silver Branch from the Tree of Life, is the totem of the musician. Brought back from the Celtic Otherworld, it is said to make enchanting music that heals and soothes away our pain and sorrow. The bird headed harp is played by the ancient Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, whose magical birds are said to sing enchanting songs, that “Lull the living to sleep, and awaken the dead.”

Artwork and Text jen delyth ©2016

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